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" Viruses and Spyware can Crash Your Computer and Steal Your Confidential Information "

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Gettting ALL the Viruses and Spyware Removed from Your Computer, protect It From Crashing, Slowing down and safe guard your information from all threats caused by viruses, spyware or malware.

Having your computer checked for viruses today can protect it from a crash tomorrow and protects your identity and confidential information from being leaked to hackers that designed spyware to infect computers and send critical info about the users identities including credit cards numbers, IDs, usernames and passwords.

The world is a scary place!

 16 million household in the US have had serious virus problems in the last 2 years.

 8 millions US household have had spyware problems in the past 6 months.

 Most widespread virus to date is "Conficker" and it had infected about 9 millions Computers.

If you tell yourself: "I have an anti-virus, I have nothing to worry about". Think AGAIN!

Many anti-viruses don't detect all viruses and spyware that is being injected on the internet by the

thousands daily.

It takes several strong up-to-date anti-viruses to isolate all threat sources. Even if you don't experience strange pop ups or feel your computer slowing down dramatically that still does not mean your computer is free of viruses.

Viruses behave in variety of different ways, some are active all the time, some are waiting for a trigger to activate them, and the rest hide themselves so that users don't recognize them. Most of these problems can be prevented before they even happen, Simply by getting your system professionally cleaned by a trained, certified computer expert.

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Your Computer May Be Sick, and You Don't Know It!

Most Computers run fine even though they may be infected with many viruses. You won't know

they're "ILL" until they finally act up or start crashing. You can stop it from happening! Simply Call Trinity Technologies TODAY!

Who can you trust to handle your computer?

Newbies, wannabies and high school drop outs are working in the IT field as technicians and support personnel, since the IT industry is an unregulated industry you can not control whose hands your computer will end up in.

But you don't have to take that huge risk!

At Trinity Technologies, ONLY -

- University graduates electronic engineers.
- Who worked in the IT field since 1997.
- Certified by Cisco.

Now you have a choice, don't settle for any less than that, after all it is you computer, your data and personal information that are at stake here.

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- Thorough internal cleaning for all air vents and fans.
- Removing temporary files from your system to make a better use of your disc space.
- Installing latest updates and critical fixes to your windows operating system.
- Check for and remove any viruses or malware from your computer.

All that for a low price of ONLY $99 (Regular price $149).